" Avec un terrain très difficile (pente forte), des arbres, des lignes électriques, la pose d'une fosse septique dans notre terrain était complexe et nous forçait à utiliser une micro-station. Kevin Furniss et sa femme ont géré le projet avec beaucoup de professionnalisme et un résultat impeccable. Ils ont tenu tous leurs engagements, ont réalisé le projet dans les temps, on été félicité par le contrôleur de la SPANC pour la précision de la réalisation (niveaux au mm près). Ils nous ont par ailleurs aidé avec leurs (superbes !) engins sur quelques taches que nous ne pouvions réaliser nous même (deplacement de troncs, de pierres, etc). Ce fut un chantier très agréable, nous les recommandons chaudement. Amedee Potier (amedee.potier@gmail.com) Amedee"

Amedee Potier

"Hello Kevin and Finola, We would just like to thank you both for the excellent job you both did recently in installing a new Compact Filter Septic System for us. It was amazing how well you did the job, considering the lack of space and a wall in the way, but you managed it all with precision, minimal damage to anything, and everything was left tidy at the end of each day. Looking at the area now, just one week on, it's just the green lids and a bit of bare earth that says something has been going on. We would recommend you every time. Congratulations on a job very well done."

Elayne and John Marsh - Le Croisty 2017

"Hi Kevin, I was at my house over the Christmas & New Year break and was able to see at first hand the results of the work you did at my house. Just a quick note to say that I am delighted with the outcome. Thank you very much!! "

Michael Lansdown - Le Cleuziou - Brittany

"Cher Kevin, nous voulions juste te dire un grand merci pour le travail que vous avez fait récemment à notre maison .Nous étions très impressionnés par votre compétence et compréhension. Le travail été assez compliqué et après un certain temps de délibérer, nous étions un peu inquiets que nous avons eu la bonne personne pour faire le travail, Kevin était évidemment plus que qualifié pour prendre le challange. Il sait clairement ses machines et est capable de l'utiliser de manière réfléchie et avec sensibilité. Kevin comprit tout de suite le problème rencontré et a été capable d'appliquer son expérience et de compétence pour résoudre nos besoins d'une manière efficace, créatif et pratique. Nous aurions aucune hésitation en employant Furniss Terrassements à l'avenir et nous recommandons vivement leur service."

Elizabeth et Malcolm Hunter, Cleden Poher

"We were extremely pleased with the work of Kevin Furniss and Furniss Terassement on our stone barn renovation project. The requirements were varied and sometimes complex: a new Fosse Septique was installed, the existing uneven barn floor (part cement and part earth) was excavated, a new poured smooth screed cement floor with integral drainage was organised and executed skilfully, rainwater drains were dug and laid to the outside perimeter of the barn and finally a pond was excavated and landscaped. We valued Kevin's willingness to work with us within the constraints of the existing building and appreciated his constructive contributions to finding solutions to the inevitable problems found in a 200 year old stone barn. Kevin's communication during the project was always very clear and open, attendance was very reliable and the site was left very tidy and presentable. We would unhesitatingly recommend Furniss Terrassement."

Tim Clarridge - La Basse Cour - Brittany

"Just want to recommend the work of Kevin Furniss (FurnissTP.com) who we found through Anglo Info. He and his team have just finished building a large raised terrace complete with rainwater storage tank in a tricky location, and we are not only delighted with the result but the way he worked throughout the build, absolutely nothing was too much trouble and certainly the most professional tradesman we have ever had working for us by a mile. "

Mr Bennett - Brittany

"Dear Kevin, We just wanted to say a huge thank you for the recent work you did at our property.We were very impressed with your skill and understanding and the very professional way in which you adapted to the unknown.The work was quite complicated and after some time of deliberating we were a little anxious that we had the right person to do the job ; Kevin was evidently more than qualified to take on the task. He clearly knows his machinery and is able to use it thoughtfully and sensitively.Kevin immediately understood the problem we faced and was able to apply his experience and skill to resolve our requirements in a most effective,creative and practical manner.We would have no hesitataion in employing Furniss Terrassements in the future and would highly recommend their service to anyone needing Groundworks."

Elizabeth and Malcolm Hunter, Cleden Poher

"Kevin a fait plusieurs drainage et am?nagement paysager pour nous, au cours des 30 derniers mois. Il est utile fiable et fournit un travail de qualit? fait avec l'initiative ? des tarifs comp?titifs. Vivement recommand"

Mr M.Nevitt --- Mur de Bretagne

"As an international project management advisor with decades of experience of working with and supervising major contractors on large infrastructure projects,I can honestly say that I am rarely very impressed by a contractor.Furniss Terrassement has hit the mark and done just that.Kevin and his team have done a superb job on my drainage and drive and I am greatly impressed by his attention to detail,quality of work and general approach.I find him easy to deal with and reasonable.His interpretation of our concept was perfect and we are delighted with the results.I was able to relax and let him get on with the job without interference from me!I would not hesitate to recommend him for similar work.He will be doing more work for me."

M E Sterry,Bsc,C Eng,MICE,MIWES -Plouay

"In 2006, we asked Mr. Kevin Furniss to quote to carry out some ground works, including a 30M long planter type wall, kerb stones, installing gate posts,removing the top soil and creating approx 400m2 of graveled parking with drainage and cable duct installation at our 4 gites in Moreac, the work was priced accurately and completed on time, in fact there was a short time frame for the work to start and finish before the arrival of our first guests, and we have to say it was started and completed on time with no problems or additional costs, the work made a big improvement to the aspect and use of our building Kevin has since returned to carry out a few smaller misc jobs as a result of his service the first time, we would have no problem in recommending his company, indeed if he had a client that wished to see his work, they would be more than welcome We wish Kevin and his family the best of luck with their business."

Simon and Lesley Barron "Le Grange Gites" Bonehan

"Kevin has undertaken several drainage and landscaping jobs for us over the last 30 months. Helpful, reliable, competitive and quality work with initiative. Highly recommended."

Mr M.Nevitt --- Mur de Bretagne

"I have accepted quotes from Kevin Furniss Terrassements for two projects and have been very happy with the work he completed. The first project involved the excavation of a difficult site for barn and stables and the laying of slab flooring, the second the excavation for a machinery store and trenching for EDF cables and the construction of a wide bank under mature oak and ash. Both projects were completed on time and efficiently with little disruption and at very competitive prices. I do not usually recommend services but am very happy to make the exception in Kevin's case."

Mr G Ritchie, Gourec